Green Bond Investments Continue to Topple Records, Impact World

via Travis Russi

via Travis Russi

Green bond investing is a sector that becomes increasingly larger and accessible with each passing year. As larger companies, investment firms and utility providers enter the sector, the average single-person investor reaps the benefits of making more impact investments on local levels. The increase on both fronts helps project investment totals in 2015 to reach an estimated $50 billion, topping 2014’s $35 billion record.

The increase in sector investment also allows projects to seek more funding for grander projects aimed at improving cities and countries. The World Bank noted that 2015 should be a big year for new types of fund issues, green bond indices and shifting investor expectations. This correlates with sector uncertainty regarding the negative impact of a carbon-heavy portfolio.

The World Bank stresses that green bonds aren’t the key solution in combatting climate change. However, these investments do make a significant impact that should not be underestimated.

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